Falmouth Scientific, Inc.


Seismic, Sub-Bottom, Side Scan, and Combined Sonar Systems

All compatible with industry standard data acquisition & processing software packages

Bubble Gun Low-Frequency Acoustic Seismic Systems

Low-frequency acoustic signals provide superior sub-bottom penetration through coarse sand, gravel tills, and other difficult sediments

Two Available Transducers:
Standard 70 Hz to 2 KHz
Low Frequency LF 20 Hz to 2 KHz

Small component size, portability, and low power requirements make this a valuable tool for any survey platform

Multiple Sources can be synchronized to a common trigger without need for external timing control

Highly repeatable shot-to-shot phase and amplitude wavelet correlation and clean source frequency bandwidth signatures facilitate post processing & data analysis

CHIRPceiver Sub-Bottom Profiling Systems

Complete Systems for High Resolution Sub-Bottom Surveys

Single or Dual Freq Transceivers
LF (1KHz-10KHz)
HF (8KHz-23KHz)
ULF (200Hz-2KHz)

Flexible Deployment Options
Hull Mount
Side Mount
Tow Vehicles

Sub-Bottom Profiling Transducers & Systems from 23kHz to 23 KHz

Sub-Bottom Transducers are available for a variety of survey and vessel needs

Please contact FSI to discuss your specific applications

Side Scan Sonar and Combined Systems

Dual Simultaneous 100/400 KHz        
Side Scan Sonar System


System Components

Falmouth Scientific and Klein - A MIND Technology Business, are co-developing a towed combined sub-bottom and side scan system for commercial survey and government customers. The system utilizes the strengths of both companies to provide superior side scan image quality and enhanced sub-bottom penetration and resolution. Standard packages will include 1,000m and 3,000m depth options. Interested customers can contact Falmouth Scientific or Klein directly or through their local representatives.

•FSI tow vehicle 

•Klein UUV-3500 side scan (455/900 kHz, 100/400kHz or 75/400kHz). Bathymetry option available. Depth rating 600m, 1,000m & 6,000m options.  

Full system weight 140kg  

•FSI Chirp SBP (1-10KHz, 8-23kHz & 200Hz-2kHz).  
 Depth rating 1,000m-3,000m-6,000m OPTIONAL.    
Chirp or CW pulses.